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Refrigerant Pumping for Server Cooling Cost Savings

March 2, 2023

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Failure to manage the heat and airflow within a data center rapidly increases the risk of overheating, creating disastrous and costly effects on ICT (information and communications technology) operations. As a result, these facilities utilize innovative cooling systems to save energy consumption and operational cost. One of these innovations is the refrigerant pump — a cost and energy-efficient solution that improves cooling performance.

ICT encompasses all components related to digital technologies, including but not limited to: computers, wireless networks, data servers, robotics, and artificial intelligence. From communications and computing equipment to power supply chain and equipment cooling, ICT facilities consume a large amount of electricity in the US and globally.

Before we get into refrigerant pumping for server cooling, let’s first understand how data center cooling systems work.

What Is Data Center Cooling, And Why Is It Important?

Environment monitoring and control, particularly temperature and humidity, are essential tasks for every data center facility or network infrastructure. A data center must maintain adequate room and server hardware temperature to achieve optimal performance and operation.

Data center cooling refers to controlling the temperature inside the ICT facility to reduce heat from data center equipment and its surrounding environment. Generally, excess heat from the air is eliminated and replaced with cooler air by the data centers’ cooling system. Cool air or fluids replace the heat to reduce the hardware’s temperature.

The primary parameters in a data center cooling system include temperature control, cooling efficiency, air venting, cooling fluid flow, and energy consumption.

Refrigerant Pumping Technology For Server Cooling

Refrigerant pumping is a cooling technique that pumps chilled water through a heat exchanger and utilizes a cold-pumped refrigerant to draw out the heat.

For server cooling purposes, the refrigerant pumping technique uses refrigerant-cooled heat exchangers mounted to the back of the equipment racks. The airflow that carries excess heat from the equipment rack will pass through the heat exchanger, releasing and converting the heat back to ambient temperature. A fluid handling system pumps the refrigerant through the heat exchangers to provide efficient cooling.

How Can Refrigerant Pumping Save Costs?

Cooling server units in a data center is about moving heat energy most efficiently. The refrigerant pumping cooling technique improves cooling through a systematic heat transfer and transport mechanism. This energy-efficient cooling technology can reduce energy usage by up to 90% and cool the space up to 10 times higher than other existing cooling systems.

Compared to other cooling systems like air-cooling, the increased cooling efficiency provided by refrigerant pumping allows data centers to maximize space utilization. It also houses higher equipment densities without the risk of servers overheating due to overcapacity.

Additionally, this server cooling technology reduces energy consumption and improves the performance and reliability of servers and equipment, resulting in significant cost savings for data centers.

More Benefits Of Refrigerant Pumping Cooling System

Refrigerant pumping for server cooling provides numerous benefits, including:

  • Simple and expandable installation
  • Better temperature and humidity control
  • Minimal cooling system noise levels
  • Longerserver or equipment lifespan
  • Consistent server uptime
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Lesser carbon footprint

Cost Saving And Reliable Cooling Systems and Refrigerant Pumps By Tark Inc.

Data centers must be updated on the latest technological innovations in cooling systems for ICT facilities. All server rooms must have an optimal cooling system that the technology requires. The ICT industry primarily works with expert organizations like Tark Inc., which specializes in identifying, providing, and installing the necessary cooling solutions suitable for data centers.

Since 1985, Tark, Inc. has been developing state-of-the-art pumps and complete cooling systems packages for the ICT sector and many other industries. Our team of dedicated and experienced engineers with expert knowledge in the cooling system, matched with our in-house manufacturing capabilities, enables us to provide exceptional pumps and cooling systems for any unique project specifications.

Innovations fuel Tark Inc., and working with us gives our clients a competitive advantage in their cooling systems solutions.

Contact us today for your inquiries, or request a consultation and let our team of engineers assist you in designing a solution for your cooling system needs.

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