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Refrigerant Pumping for Server Cooling Cost Savings

Click to Expand Failure to manage the heat and airflow within a data center rapidly increases the risk of overheating, creating disastrous and costly effects on ICT (information and communications technology) operations. As a result, these facilities utilize innovative cooling systems to save energy consumption and operational cost. One of these innovations is the refrigerant…

Refrigeration Pumps for Data Server Infrastructure Applications

Click to Expand Businesses rely heavily on the applications, services, and information contained within a data center, making it an essential asset for day-to-day operations. As a result, the proliferation of the internet, cloud-based services, and e-commerce is increasing demand for these facilities. This is one of the primary reasons that data centers generate a…

Server Cooling Systems Sustainability

Click to Expand Data center cooling controls the temperature inside data centers to reduce heat while ensuring server uptime, increasing efficiency, and improving technology lifespan. While server cooling systems are critical to overall business success, they have a few drawbacks that negatively affect the environment. According to government estimates, data centers consume 10 to 50…

Cooling Pumps for EV Charging Stations

Click to Expand Electric vehicle (EV) charging generates heat that must be dissipated to prevent equipment damage and ensure safe and effective recharging. Thus, cooling pumps are essential in charging stations, as they regulate the equipment’s temperature. Consequently, various cooling pump technologies have emerged over the years, expanding the potential alternatives for the EV industry….

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