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The Tark Process:
We have a variety of standard pumps and cooling systems, but also realize that these may require modification to fit your application or that a completely new design may be required to suit your unique needs and environmental challenges. In these instances our engineers are prepared to work with you to review your design specs and to determine tie size, weight, and cooling requirements.
Providing Custom Design Solutions:
  The process begins with an interview session with one of our Account Managers to assess your needs and to discuss any specific challenges you may be faced with in your application  
  At this time, the Account Manager may be able to provide you with an Estimate of the cost and time required to develop a Prototype  
  When you have chosen to move forward with the design process, the Account Manager will partner with a Designer to develop a Prototype model using Solid Works™ 3D Design software, and then share this concept model with you either via eDrawings™ or a print to confirm the concept.  
  Once you've approved, then the Account Manager will provide you with a formal Quote for a Proof of Concept Prototype, accompanied by a formal Engineering Print  
  Finally, once you have approved the quote and print, we put our team to work in building your prototype and get it shipped to you on time, and in spec. It's possible that you're not looking to go any further, and that you really only needed those several Prototypes to complete your own testing or even your own prototype, and we gladly accept these smaller jobs.  
After receiving the Prototype(s), your project may continue to grow and ultimately include volume production levels of the product. We at Tark are certainly prepared and happy to work with you on this level as well!


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