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Tark People:
Tark's primary strength lies in its people: welders, engineers, accountants, office managers, machinists, quality controllers and buyers. They are the heartbeat of our Company. Tark's leadership is privileged to serve them and our customers.

Joe McCarthy
CEO, Cofounder

Jim McCarthy
Tark People and Products
Tark's first offerings were radial magnetic drive (RMD) centrifugal pumps for the medical CT industry. Because higher performance needs were limited by the de-coupling characteristic of RMD pumps, Tark developed the hermetically sealed direct drive pump (HDD) in 1990. The key HDD feature was its motor actually running in the oil that was being pumped. This allowed for a completely welded-shut direct drive pump, now the industry standard.
Cooling Systems:
Tark realized early on that the design of better pumps was directly tied to control of the entire cooling system. Tark began designing, manufacturing and refurbishing complete cooling systems in 1995 for medical CT then did the same for airport explosive detection systems in 2002. Of course, Tark is still the world leader in x-ray tube cooling pumps.
New Frontiers:
Because the technologies used in cooling x-ray tubes have widespread application, Tark has recently begun developing power density cooling solutions, in which more cooling is needed in the same or smaller spaces for many applications, not only x-ray tube cooling. Some of these applications include laser, transformers, fuel cells, and high voltage power supplies. Tark's future is in becoming the world leader for such precision cooling solutions.

Tark's facilities in Billerica, MA and Dayton, OH, are organized to solve client problems including design, engineering and manufacturing everything from components to entire systems.

Tark History:
Meeting at MIT early in their careers, Tark (formerly North Co.) company founders Joseph McCarthy and Ferdinand Lustwerk, renowned mechanical engineers with vast experience in the heat transfer and fluid flow fields, have enjoyed a growing reputation and wide-spread recognition for their design achievements in x-ray tube cooling. Joe's son, Jim McCarthy, Tark's President, continues the tradition, having led the company into new designs, processes, and markets.

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